Residential Shredding Services

In today's world, information security is not only a business issue – protecting your personal information is just as critical! ShredSmart provides the same brand of professional, secure and reliable commercial document destruction services to the public with these new offerings.

Bag Dimensions

(each bag holds up to 50lbs)

28.5" tall 8.5" deep 13.5" wide

Bag price includes shipping, bag-pickup, shredding and certificate of destruction.

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Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft

More than 33% of Americans have experienced some type of identity theft, and one in five victims of identity theft has experienced it more than once—don't be one of them! When it's time to dispose of confidential documents that contain sensitive personal or financial information, protect yourself from identity theft by having documents compeletely destroyed by a professional company like ShredSmart.

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Residential Paper Shredding

This service, available for jobs both large and small, is provided by appointment only. One of our clean and well-maintained on-site shredding trucks will come to your home or residence at a pre-determined mutually agreed upon time. We will then shred all of your confidential documents right outside your door, where you can witness the entire process.


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