ShredSmart FAQs

How are my documents kept safe before they are shredded?

Customers on an automatic service schedule are provided with secure, lockable, JACHO & HIPAA compliant bins for storing all sensitive and confidential materials. Our certified technicians will maintain the security of your documents as they are transported to our mobile shredding truck, where they will be destroyed.

What if my storage bin is full?

Reach out to our call center at 844.758.5550 and they will be happy to accommodate an earlier service for you.

Do you recycle?

Yes! All paper collected after being destroyed on our truck is brought to a facility where it is baled, turned into paper pulp and then ultimately into secondary paper products.

Do we have to sort paper and remove staples and/or clips?

Only a little. We can only shred paper. That being said, we do ask that if there are plastic folders, x-rays, or any larger industrial sized clips mixed with any of your paper you are looking to have shredded that they are removed prior to your scheduled appointment. Items such as metal clips can cause sparks which can cause a fire on the shredding truck. For the safety of yourself and others we do ask that this policy is adhered to.

Can’t I just go buy a shredder for my office?

The cost, labor, maintenance, and disposal of an office shredder can add up to more than the cost of a regular scheduled shredding service. The highly combustible dust from shredding machines can be messy and dangerous. Plus, we provide you with a certificate of destruction before our technician leaves your site.

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We started using ShredSmart last year and the transition was seamless, the savings significant and their customer service is some of the best I’ve experienced. Always exceeding my expectations.

ShredSmart has earned our business with quality service and excellent communications. They do a good job hiring service-oriented people throughout the organization. I am happy to recommend their service.

Our accounting and tax practice has been using ShredSmart for over a year and are very pleased with the service. It is timely and convenient and the drivers are always courteous.

ShredSmart was able to beat the pricing I had been paying for the same service. I would recommend them to anyone who would like reliable, efficient shredding service!

The service provided by ShredSmart is phenomenal! It has made life so much easier than shredding our own papers and disposing. This company makes the customer their #1 priority!

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