Electronic Device Shredding

The need to properly manage and recycle your electronic waste is imperative. With new devices and computers coming out every year, we must all share responsibility in ensuring our old electronic devices are properly recycled. If you are looking for e recycling services contact us today. ShredSmart offer's convenient and affordable e recycling services in CT, NY, NJ, VT, NH & RI.

Electronic waste (commonly called e-waste) should never be discarded along with traditional garbage. It is not only unlawful for a commercial business, but research has shown adverse effects on the environment that cannot be ignored.

How Our Electronic Waste Recycling Works

With simple, cost-effective programs, ShredSmart offers e waste recycling services that will meet your needs, large or small.

  • All services are rendered on an “on-demand” basis only. Contact us when you need a pickup.
  • We will prepare all regulatory paperwork and labeling.
  • If needed, we can supply packing materials.
  • ShredSmart will transport all materials to an EPA-approved facility, where they will be processed for recycling.
  • Recycled products will be converted back to raw materials and used in the new products we use every day.

What Electronic Waste Can Be Recycled?

  • Light Bulbs / Ballasts
  • Computers & Keyboards
  • Computer Accessories
  • Monitors
  • TVs
  • Medical / Electronic Equipment
  • X-Ray Head Tubes / Units
  • Batteries
  • Handheld Electronic Devices

You’ll feel good when you get rid of your old electronics – but you’ll feel even better when you properly recycle them using ShredSmart's e waste recycling services!

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We started using ShredSmart last year and the transition was seamless, the savings significant and their customer service is some of the best I’ve experienced. Always exceeding my expectations.

ShredSmart has earned our business with quality service and excellent communications. They do a good job hiring service-oriented people throughout the organization. I am happy to recommend their service.

Our accounting and tax practice has been using ShredSmart for over a year and are very pleased with the service. It is timely and convenient and the drivers are always courteous.

ShredSmart was able to beat the pricing I had been paying for the same service. I would recommend them to anyone who would like reliable, efficient shredding service!

The service provided by ShredSmart is phenomenal! It has made life so much easier than shredding our own papers and disposing. This company makes the customer their #1 priority!

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